FMT100 GPS Tracker Teltonika

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Special waterproof GNSS tracker with build-in accelerometer and gyroscope

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Produced in Europe

12 years of experience



a waterproof device with a built-in accelerometer and a gyroscope. Connects directly to the battery, under + and - can be transferred to any type of vehicle with internal power supply.



Combined accelerometer and gyroscope. Built-in accelerometer and gyro sensors with highly accurate collision tracking make the FMT100 perfect for the insurance market.

Fast and easy

Quick and easy assembly

Largest high gain GNSS antenna of all devices from the FM series allows the installation of the device FMT100 directly on the car battery under the hood. For faster and

easier assembly the FMT100 housing is equipped with a mounting tape and special clamp connectors for connecting the cable power supply to the car battery.


Intelligent failure detection icon

Intelligent failure detection.

Take care of your employee's safety thanks to intelligent failure detection. Receive an alarm message immediately after an accident, save workers' lives!


Bluetooth icon

Integrated Bluetooth 4.0 BLE allows the use of various wireless sensors and ensures compatibility with previously available Bluetooth V3.0 functions,

such as device configuration, firmware update, headset support. Get information about temperature and humidity from sensors Bluetooth without the need for a wired

connection - reduce installation costs. Make phone calls with an employee using a headset Bluetooth - make sure the employee is always safe and uses a hands-free kit

instead of a phone!


Data sheet

v 4.0
Internal battery
Smart crash detection
OBDII data
Built-in accelerometer
63 g
92,5 x 57,6 x 14 mm

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