Fuel anti-theft alarm Aplisens

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Protection of the fuel tank against damage and fuel theft

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Produced in Europe

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The alarm is used to secure the fuel tank while the vehicle is stationary. The electronic system of the device detects attempts of unauthorized access to the interior of the tank and immediately transmits information to the external decision system. This system verifies the event and can, for example, trigger a local audible alarm, activate the lights of the protected vehicle, send a notification signal via a wireless GSM device The device is adapted to work outside the vehicle.

How the alarm works

The microprocessor electronic system and the set of sensors are placed in a closed and airtight housing and secured with a hermetic seal. According to the programmed settings activation of the sensors the will activate the alarm by activating the binary output or reading from the RS-485 digital output. The RS-485 digital communication output is used to configure the alarm.  Entering the alarm standby mode is carried out by a button located in the driver's cabin or the RS-485 digital output.

How to mount the alarm

The alarm is designed for mounting on the tank strapping belt (non-invasive assembly), so that the range of motion sensors covers the entire tank front plane. A detailed description of the assembly can be found in the User's manual.

The included cable is up to 8 meters long.

The cable can be purchased here

Alarm antykradzieżowy paliwa

Data sheet

Housing protection degree
IP 68
Power consumption
max. 0,5 W
8...24...36VDC (not separated)
Load resistance of output
≥ 10 kΩ
Digital output
RS-485 Modbus RTU
Housing material
Aluminium: D: 69mm H: 22mm
Environment temperature
-30°C do +80°C

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