Seal for fastening rope Aplisens

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Securing the load during transport

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The electronic seal works with the fastening rope. The rope secures the load during transport by preventing unauthorized access. After detecting an attempt to unfasten, fasten as well as break the cable (intersection), the electronic system of the device immediately transmits information to the external decision system. This system verifies the event and can, for example, trigger a local audible alarm, activate the lights of the protected vehicle, send a notification signal via a wireless GSM device or even a radio in the 433 MHz band (868 MHz, 2.45 GHz).

The device is adapted to work outside the vehicle.

How the seal works

The microprocessor electronic system of the seal is placed in a closed and airtight housing and secured with a hermetic seal. In normal working condition of the fastening rope loop, the output of the device is high, in the state of sabotage a low state will appear at the output of the device. The device can be mounted anywhere on a flat metal surface of the vehicle or container thanks to neodymium magnets.

How to mount the seal

  1. Put the fastening rope through the holes of the canvas cover, bolt locks or belts fastening the curtain of the vehicle
  2. Put the rope ends in the device sockets
  3. Lock with screw and seal by tightening the cable glands
  4. Turn on the device

Automatic calibration of the device for the parameters of the given fastening rope will occur after approx. 10 seconds.

The cable can be purchased here

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Data sheet

Housing protection degree
Power consumption
8...24...36VDC (not separated)
Load resistance of output
≥ 10 kΩ

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