RFID access control to the fuel filler

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The device is used to control the opening / closing status of the fuel filler flap in passenger cars.
Maximum security, reliability and failure-free operation due to RFID technology.

How the sensor works

The device is composed of:

  • RFID reader
  • a transponder
  • electronics board built into the metal housing

The reader and transponder are installed in a way that enables them to move towards and away from each other. When the transponder reaches a given distance, the device compares a 128-bit code stored in its memory with the transponder's code.  If matching is confirmed, the device will change output status to high.
If the transponder is moved out of reader's range (opening the fuel filler flap), output status will be changed to low.The reader is resistant to magnets and other transponders and thanks to this feature the device cannot be deceived with magnets, coils or other elements.

The reader cooperates only with the programmed transponder.

How to mount the sensor

Detailed description is given in Assembly instructions.

The cable can be purchased here

Kontrola dostępu klapki wlewu

Data sheet

Working temperature range
-25 to 80°C
8-16 V
Range in the air
0-40 mm
Range on metal
0-15 mm

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