Electronic Seal type PE-01 Aplisens

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  • the seal is a fine replacement for traditional disposable seals equipped with a sealing cable
  • in standby mode, the sealing cable loop locked, the output status is high and a green LED is on.
  • the output status is low and the LED turned off in case of shorting or cutting the sealing cable loop
  • it is compatible with GPS recorders (e.g. on vehicles).

Guarantee 12m/24m

Delivery event up to 24h

Produced in Europe

12 years of experience

How the seal works

The system is composed of:

  • two comparators
  • a constant-voltage regulator. 

Input signal from the loop is transferred to a voltbox and compared with reference voltage in comparators.
The electronic seal is encased in plastic housing made of Z-43 plastic.

How to mount the seal:

  1. Put the wire through sealing holes.
  2. Insert the tip of the wire into the terminal strip.
  3. Slide the jacket over the strip.
  4. Heat up the jacket.
  5. Clamp the jacket

The cable can be purchased here

Plomba elektroniczna PE-01

Data sheet

Working temperature range
-25 to 80°C
Housing protection degree
Length of the sealing cable
Two-state output signal

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