Fuel filler security type BAK-Q Aplisens

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Anti-theft strainer

BAK-Q80 controller, BAK-Q60 is used in trucks, working machines, construction machines and others to monitor access to the fuel filler.
Optionally with anti-theft strainer.

Guarantee 12m/24m

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Produced in Europe

12 years of experience

The system is composed of three modules:

  1. Q80 or Q60 plug module
  2. cabin signalling device module - (The kit does not include the cabin sounder)
  3. anti-theft strainer module

The modules can function as seperate devices.

How the system works

BAK-Q80 and BAK-Q60 both work by controlling the presence of the transponder, situated in the fuel plug. In case of unscrewing the plug or cutting the cable, the system signalizes the situation by the loss of signal on communication cord.

The cabin signalling device module notifies of the plug having been unscrewed (the cable having been cut - sabotage) with a LED diode and a beeper in the driver’s cabin and it can be connected to the monitoring system that records all events.

The cabin signalling device module is equipped in the following options:

  • silent opening feature (unscrewing the plug is not signaled with a beep in the cabin)
  • alert memory feature (information of unscrewing the plug is stored when the driver is not present in the cabin).

Anti-theft strainer module is a pipe with perforated walls and bottom. The module does not obstruct he fueling while protecting against theft.

How to mount the system

Filler security BAK-Q80 and BAKQ60 is mounted directly on the fuel filler. A detailed assembly instruction

is provided in User's Manual.

BAK-Q80, BAK-Q60

Data sheet

Working temperature range
-25 to 80°C
Power consumption
8 ÷ 32V DC, max 35V

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