Fuel Level Probe type CS-27/W

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  • Simple to install on the tank filler,
  • No need to drill the hole in the tank,
  • The arm can be adjusted.

Guarantee 12m/24m

Delivery event up to 24h

Produced in Europe

12 years of experience


The CS-27/W fuel level probe is used to measure fuel level in a noninvasive way in tanks of motor vehicles, working-machines and locomotives. 

How the CS-27 probe works

The CS-27/W probe measures hydrostatic pressure of liquid which is proportional to the height of liquid column.
The piezoresistive sensor, separated from the medium by a separating membrane, works as the measuring element.
Pressure measuring is performed at the membrane of the submerged probe (5 mm above tank bottom).
The probe measures atmospheric pressure or pressure inside the tank using a hose placed inside the cable.
The electronic system is located in the steel housing of the sensor.
The sensor is attached through the sliding arm to the aluminum housing, which can be sealed.


Data sheet

Measurement range
0 to 2000mm ON
Pipe length L in tank
Maximum overload
≤ 100kPa
Basic error
≤ 0.16%
Hysteresis, replicability
≤ 0.05%
Working temperature range
-25 to 80°C
Compensation temperature range
-25 to 40°C
Housing protection degree
IP 68
power supply voltage
8 to 32VDC
Power consumption
less than 25mA
Analog output signal for the probe
U/CS (0.05…10)V
Differential output voltage for RS485
min. ±1.5V
Input voltage for RS485
min. ±0.2V
Output signal TXD for RS232LV
HI greater than 3.0V; LO less than 0.2V
Input voltage RXD for RS485
HI greater than 2.0V; LO less than 0.8V
Relative humidity
Atmospheric pressure
80…120 kPa
Work position

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