Fuel level probe type CS-27/RS/U

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Measurement range
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  • Three measuring ranges 0 ÷ 800mm; 800 ÷ 1500mm; 1500 ÷ 3000mm
  • Ministry of Transport Type Approval
  • Certificate No.E20 10R-03 25 17 

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Produced in Europe

12 years of experience


The CS-27 Fuel level probe is used in tanks of motor vehicles, working-machines and locomotives. 

How the CS-27 probe works

The probe is composed of two elements: 

  • the sensing element and the electronic element, placed inside a steel pipe,
  • aluminum housing that can be sealed

The CS-27 probe uses a simple relation between the height of liquid column and the produced hydrostatic pressure.
The piezoresistive sensor, separated from the medium by a separating membrane, works as the measuring element.
Pressure measuring is performed at the membrane of the submerged probe (5 mm above tank bottom).
The probe measures atmospheric pressure or pressure inside the tank depending on the type of tank (pressurized or nonpressurized tank).

How to assemble the CS-27 probe

A detailed description of assembly is presented in Technical Documentation. The probe is designed to be connected to the following recording devices:

  • analog input data recorder – current or voltage (current or voltage analog output probe).
  • data recorder with digital input with interface in the RS-232 (3.3V) or RS-485 standard.

Data sheet

Measurement range
0÷800mm H2O
Pipe length L in tank
Maximum overload
≤ 100kPa
Basic error
≤ 0.16%
Hysteresis, replicability
≤ 0.05%
Long-term stability
≤ 0.1 per cent for two years
Working temperature range
-25 to 80°C
Compensation temperature range
-25 to 40°C
Output signal
0 - 10 V;0 - 5 V, 0 - 4.5 V, 0 - 2.5 V 100-3800 bit
Power voltage fluctuation error
Housing protection degree
IP 68
Temperature fluctuation error

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