FMC130 GPS Tracker LTE Teltonika

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Professional LTE terminal with flexible inputs configuration.

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The FMC130 is a compact and professional device equipped with:

internal GNSS and LTE antennas,

configurable digital / analog / negative and pulse inputs,

three DOUT outputs,

Bluetooth connectivity

backup battery.

Initially, the FMC130 has a negative input which saves valuable integration time when plugging the connector, such as vehicle door sensor, alarm input, seat belt detection and other sensors or accessories. In addition, the device has an integrated ability to enable pulse inputs to accurately read data from the fuel flow meter. Pulsed fuel consumption is much larger than other type of measurement sensor and makes FMC130 equivalent to high fuel grade machines such as cranes, construction vehicles, mining machinery, agricultural equipment.

Examples of use:
Heavy transport

For optimal search criteria, more than just the data of the vehicle's GPS coordinates. With the FMC130, you can monitor fuel consumption, distance traveled, vehicle temperature and much more.

Light vehicles

t an accident. Thanks to this, you can detect the perpetrator and reduce expenses.

Trailer tracking

FMBC130 is a great tool in logistics. You can know the location of all your goods, even if the trailer is not connected to the truck and the driver is not nearby. Our product has short autonomous working hours and is resistant to harsh conditions. You also have the option to read the temperature and evaluate which truck is attached to its trailer.

The FMC130 locator gives you real-time vehicle pressure, warns you of an attempted theft, and alerts you about

Data sheet

Internal battery
CAN data

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