BLUE SLIM ID Teltonika. Beacons ID

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Teltonika ist stets auf Innovation ausgerichtet und bietet seinen Kunden ständig neue Lösungen. Neu hinzugekommene BLE-Beacons erweitern abgedeckte Geschäftsfälle .

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Produced in Europe

12 years of experience

blue slim ID

Teltonika is always focused on innovation and constantly offers new solutions to customers. Latest addition of BLE beacons extends covered business cases. Ultra-small case is perfect for employees, passengers and authentication solutions. Bluetooth beacons are small signal transmitters with configurable signal strength and data send intervals. Beacon can work from one battery up to 2 years.

Multiple beacons at one time:

  • Teltonika vehicle tracker supports up to 100 beacons at a time;
  • Up to 25 beacons in authorized list.

Technische Daten

v 4.0
-20°C bis +55°C
6 g
ABS-Material 56 x 30,6 x 2,4 mm - 2 Gehäuse 4 mm Löcher, Abstand 43 mm
łączność NFC
300 m

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